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Welcome to ACCE.

Welcome to CE.

Welcome to CaerulElimo.

This is the ACCE page: Angel Constellation, CaerulElimo Series.

CaerulElimo is a role-playing series involving a set of ponies as the main characters unexpectedly on an adventure to save the universe from trickery, corruption, and destruction.

Chat LogEdit

CaerulElimo is one of the first role-playing series that is played in the style of a video game. Adventure with your friends to stop an evil empire known as The Phantom Project from conquering the universe. Everyone has their own stats, inventory, bio, skill set, and wallet. Armor is in the CE series. There are different materials of it too. There are also accessories.

Your character you will play as must be a species of pony. Try to come up with unique backstories as well, along with Special Abilities you start with. Progression makes perfect. Ideas shine as well. Be creative. Whatever you can dream of, you just might be able to find it in this brand new world.

Keep in mind that you have to create your character when that elusive recruitment blog arrives. In fact, it's already here. Click here to apply now. The entire role-play series will be in blog format.

"It's kinda like Pokemon but with the RPG aspect."

"It reminds me of Earthbound."