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Welcome to ACCE's full and organized list of Chapters.

This is the Chapters page: Angel Constellation, CaerulElimo Series, All Chapters.

This is the official page where the Table of Contents for every chapter in every version (excluding the continually updated blogs) are shown.

Unlike how categories are tiered, the tiering in this page does not start from the type of media (identified as Version) used for the series (Blend, Novel, Movie, Game). Instead, Generations is the highest tier shown for this page. Generations are the next tier down from Series (CaerulElimo is identified in categories as CE), covering the major wars separate from each other in the series. Parts are the next tier down, which separate the regions from the planet of Generation 6 of the same name. Sections are the next tier down, showcasing each big mission or goal for the Parts, usually at four as an average. Chapters are the next tier, being the smallest tier grade and covers a part of a mission or the durations between Checkpoint Flags for the point A to point B Generations. The tiers for the Table of Contents are Series, to Generation, to Part, to Section, to Chapter, to Version. The tiers for categories are Group (AC) to Series (CE for this wiki and as explained above), to Version (?V), to Generation (G#), to Part (P#), to Section (S#), to Chapter (C#).

Below is the Table of Contents for each segment of the entire CE series using the categories formatted for the Table of Contents. To see the segments ordered by the Wikia categories, click here.

The following are the list of characters for each version of the series, in order of appearance (based on first line spoken).

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The Table of Contents start here.

Generation 0: BeforeEdit


Generation 1: EquestriaEdit

Part 1: Month 1​Edit

Section 1: Week 1Edit

Chapter 1: Day 1Edit
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Chapter 2: Day 2Edit
Chapter 3: Day 3Edit
Chapter 4: Day 4Edit
Chapter 5: Day 5Edit
Chapter 6: Day 6Edit
Chapter 7: Day 7Edit

Section 2: Week 2Edit

Chapter 1: Day 8Edit
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Generation 2: EarthEdit


Generation 3: EquestriaEdit


Generation 4: BoundsEdit


Generation 5: StarsEdit


Generation 6: CaerulElimoEdit

Part 1: The White RegionEdit

Section 1: The Rainbow StoneshipEdit

Section 2: The Underground PrisonEdit

Section 3: Brass MountainEdit

Chapter 1: ArrivalEdit

Section 4: Royal OasisEdit

Part 2: The Purple RegionEdit

Section 1: Gale CavernsEdit

Section 2: Ashley's MansionEdit

Section 3: Crystal TundraEdit

Section 4: Sebenco MountainEdit

Part 3: The Red RegionEdit

Section 1: Scarlet SpiresEdit

Section 2: Clockwork FactoryEdit

Section 3: Magma TubesEdit

Section 4: The Ember SystemEdit

Part 4: The Orange RegionEdit

Section 1: FragilicaEdit

Section 2: The AcceletempleEdit

Section 3: Heated SandsEdit

Section 4: The Energy PyramidEdit

Part 5: The Yellow RegionEdit

Section 1: The HoneycombEdit

Section 2: Electric PoolsEdit

Section 3: Donut PlainsEdit

Section 4: CheesetopiaEdit

Part 6: The Green RegionEdit

Section 1: Neon ForestEdit

Section 2: Flowing SewersEdit

Section 3: Sacred PlainsEdit

Section 4: The Jungle of MagicEdit

Part 7: The Blue RegionEdit

Section 1: Celestial BubblesEdit

Section 2: BreakwaterEdit

Section 3: Agility Asphalt Edit

Section 4: The Water FactoryEdit

Part 8: The Black RegionEdit

Section 1: Obsidian CityEdit

Section 2: The Blue CarpetEdit

Section 3: The SpiralEdit

Section 4: Master ControlEdit

Generation ∞: ForeverEdit