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All main characters in CaerulElimo have certain stats, represented by numbers, that dictate how well they do when fighting enemies and bosses. The stats increase a certain amount every time a character levels up, and are as follows.

  • Attack - Determines how much damage is done per physical attack. Can be increased by equipping weapons.
  • Defense - Lessens damage taken by an enemy's physical attack. Can be increased by equipping armor, which in turn has different parts that can be equipped to the head, legs and body.
    • Damage dealt depends on the receiving enemy's Defense stat. Damage is calculated by subtracting the target's Defense from the attacker's Attack stat, and the resulting number is the damage dealt. If the Defense stat of a character surpasses the Attack stat of an enemy, no damage is dealt by physical attacks.
  • Energy - Used in attacks involving the Trigonometric Elements. Aura deals set damage depending on the user's level divided in half and rounded up (for example a character at level 20 would deal 10 damage), Mana deals 1.3x times an Aura attack, and Delta deals 1.6x times an Aura attack.
    • Energy attacks can be performed with an energy meter. By default a character has a meter of 3 units. Aura attacks cost 1 unit, Mana attacks cost 2, and Delta attacks cost 3. The meter is refilled normally by successfully landing physical attacks, and certain upgrades can allow it to be refilled passively.