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Donut Plains is a town of grassy terrain of The Yellow Region, and is first encountered in Generation 6's Part 5 Section 3 during the Princess Requests. Monty Moles, water, and donut-like pastries are abundant in this town. It is a town of donuts and other well-known pastries. There are also Donut Plants which also grow in this town; a rarity not seen in many other locations of The Yellow Region. Most enemies seen from Donut Plains would appear in this town, but at a lower rate since this town is a passive Rest Area. Ground-type players are stronger in this section.

In this town, Delta Fountains, Healing Fountains, and a few shops are available. There is no Mage Shop or a Clothing Shop in this town.


Donut Plains also hosts race courses played in its town or nearby it.

Donut Plains 1Edit

Donut Plains 1 appears as the second of five races in Super Mario Kart's Mushroom Cup. It appears as the second of four races in Mario Kart Super Circuit's Extra Mushroom Cup. It appears as the first of four races in Mario Kart DS's Banana Cup. It appears as the second of twelve races in FXC46's 2nd Classic League.

Donut Plains 2Edit

Donut Plains 3Edit


Donut Plains is also the name of the second platformer world of Super Mario World.

The classic description is as follows.

Chat LogEdit

In Donut Plains, there are scattered donuts in these plains, and even giant ones! All edible too! In fact that's actually all there is to Donut Plains. The houses are made of donuts too!Edit


"SNES Donut Plains 3 - Mario Kart 8 Music Extended"