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The SS planet has a complex government to rule over its citizens. The backbone of the SS Government consists mainly of two parts; the Tight Judgement Branch, and the Loose Judgement Branch.

The Tight Judgement BranchEdit

The Tight Judgement Branch is the lower of the two branches. Its office workers are mainly of the Sub-Presidential Bodies, the higher-class citizens of the universe. The Tight Judgement Branch is responsible for maintaining existing laws, and making sure that courts of law perform their duties with truth and justice.

The Loose Judgement BranchEdit

The courts of the Tight Judgement Branch take their orders from the kings and queens of the Judgement Branch, which consists of five tiers of ranked officials, with the President of the SS Universe at the top tier. The Loose Judgement Branch oversees the creation of new laws and the writing of amendments to current laws. No laws may be changed without the go-ahead of the Loose Judgement Branch. Upon the decision of the Loose Judgement Branch to solidify new laws and amendments, these laws and amendments are deemed official and the Tight Judgement courts revise their rulings accordingly.