Iota Drop is a race course in the SS Universe, located in the White Region, and in the same general area as the Evergreen Circuit. One of its prominent features is a straight-down drop near the end of the course. In Reverse, the drop becomes a slow ascent which is climbed with ladders in footraces.

Course DescriptionEdit


Through the inside of a small mountain, Iota Drop takes the racers inside it's brightly lit tunnels and out the backstretch. It is only a matter of time before the circuit disappears down to the surface.


The quick ascension stretches the well-known Iota Drop and sends the pilots downhill in the gentle tunnels inside the small mountain. The lane swap and the medium curve is sure to catch racers offguard in the final stretches.


Iota Drop is located in a green area with steep hills surrounding a large dip, where the course starting and finish line is located. Racers begin in a blue-walled trench and make an immediate left, beginning a dippy climb into a tunnel drilled through one of the steep hills. Racers make a sharp left turn back outside, continue straight through a smaller hill, and turn into another underground area, where they encounter the large ninety degree drop the course is known for. This drop opens back into the large bowl area. A downhill segment back to the blue finish line completes the current lap and the Iota Drop course.


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Course Layout