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Also known as Generation 6 Part 1 Section 1, this page is technically a chapter of the series - known as the first chapter of Generation 6 - and the prologue of CaerulElimo.

The prologue of Generation 6 is as follows.

Chat LogEdit


Heroes arrive at CaerulElimo after an accident from the final boss in Generation 5 where the spaceship the team was traveling in runs out of fuel and escape pods for each player eject out of the main spaceship. Each player had their own gear since they packed it before the space flight. As each of them are hurtling into outer space, they soon find a portal opening, and that's how CE begins as they are sucked into it. .Each of the pods were malfunctioning due to the state of the main spaceship, and all of the heroes were on the same ship before they went to their individualized pods with their bags in each of them.

AcceleRacers_Storm_Realm_Portal.jpg What the portal looks like, but with a blue filled-in square in the middle instead.

Chapter 1-1Edit

Blitz Blightning

There is a character named Blitz Blightning, which is played by The Candlekeeper. He is a robot pony, and not a cyborg or a cross between a pony and a robot. He is completely a robot which had been shaped to look like a real pony. Thus, he looks like a normal pony at first glance. Aerostar has a character, known as Eman, which is similar. "So is mine! Except mine hardly looks like a pony."

It's what is in a living thing that matters. People only looked at him at the exterior to keep his true identity a secret.

Towards the very very end of Generation Five, Blitz Blightning received a special request from the leader of CaerulElimo. He was honored as he would be the first individual to ever see the leader in person. The Bottom Of The Spiral is like a circular technological building. The center had two portals: one on the ceiling to lead to The Spiral and one on the floor for anyone that returns from the portal from The Spiral. As he entered The Bottom Of The Spiral, he bid farewell to any admirers he had, and jumped into the portal at the ceiling. This portal had a symbol in front of its wormhole was like a strand of DNA. A spiral/double helix. As he entered the new realm, he ascended the stairs (he did not feel like using hovering or flying) of memory to reach the Rainbow Stoneship. The stone activated as it started levitating Blitz upwards like a fast moving elevator. It leads to the final section in the CE series: Master Control. The pinnacle, and where the most important memories and dreams are stored. It is similar to that Celestia land in magical Mystery Cure with the moving images. It is also similar to almost everything from Inside Out.

However, before the Rainbow Stoneship clicked into place at the Master Control floor, the unthinkable happened.

A huge, red spark of energy, a plasma, exploded right next to Blitz as he was just about to see the face of the leader of CE, but sadly couldn't. It caused a psychic shockwave as the red plasma quickly disappeared in the explosion. The force was so powerful, it knocked Blitz Blightning so high he fell out of the boundaries of Master Control as if he was a home running baseball. (And it's out of here!) His life core (is that what robots have? (Eman has that, so I guess) ) was severely damaged as he started falling into an abyss of nothing. Luckily, a few elementals living in The Spiral immediately took notice of the falling robot pony and immediately sounded alarms. The Spiral's coloring changed from a constantly changing rainbow pattern to a pure red hue. All the buildings, stairways, and the background changed the same. In relief, pegasi were able to get ahold of Blitz before he would fall too far into The Void. They noticed Blitz had been severely damaged and knew he required immediate medical attention. There was only one safe place. From the red plasma explosion in Master Control, it started to spew hundreds of flying red-colored voxel enemies and immediately started flying down to demolish everything in The Spiral. The pegasi that were holding Blitz agreed to drop him back into the portal which led back to the planet CaerulElimo.

That is how the war started.

It was Phantom Flash (the red enemies of corruption and the main group made by the villains) versus Silverstream (the side of good and the opponent group).

It is recommended to change Silverstream to a new name.

As Blitz returned back to CE, he tumbled for a few seconds before finally being motionless as medics rushed to him. Blitz Blightning was the only organism, living or nonliving, to witness the kidnapping of the leader of CaerulElimo, even if it was just a glimpse.

The leader is Delt.

This is the sound of the exploding plasma, possible to be known as The Red Plasma.


So far the plot-line is simply villains wanting to take over the universe with the Red Rampage, a weapon created by them. And their group, Phantom Flash, as basically a giant war group to go against any people wanting to thwart their plans.

Here's a spoiler alert: In case all else fails, there is one last thing Phantom Flash made in case all else fails. And made absolute sure to reveal it only in its last seconds: the Nova Bomb. This thing is a pure red orb that is 100% guaranteed to destroy everything. Might be antimatter or dark energy. When the timer hits zero, two pure dark matter molecules collide (or some other chemical reaction) to basically wipe out everything like dividing by 0.

Attempt At Blog Formatted PrologueEdit

It was almost one in the morning.

The world had changed as midnight began. It was during the new revolution originally planned for a planet foreign to Earthlings...but it had gone horribly wrong. This is a story. A story about perfection, taken to its limits and extremes, and what results from the catastrophes. Where one concept simply was entitled 'never reached' by a select group of individuals. This group argued several times for introducing a revolution.

Today was the first day of protests, and a new war erupting. The color of red started to appear often, not just blood. It was as if a waterfall of scarlet had started to carpet this new planet, taking over the former blue. The first step was The Underground Prison.

A shady and dark building encased deep inside this foreign planet, containing thousands upon thousands of prison cells for future criminals and innocent individuals. It is where the plans of the new evolving villains started. Their first objective was to retrieve all powerful artifacts across the galaxies, to further increase their overall universal power. As more energy is taken, the reserves from the stolen decrease, until there is nothing left to give. The planets are then bankrupt, or simply, gone.

Today is when one special subject awakes to what has become of him and everything else.

"Eugh...argh..." A wise, unknown fugitive grunted harsh. His health was very unstable. He started to get up, attempting to stand. It was very difficult. Lights had been moving around him since he had awoken.

" I...?" He questioned. The world all looked black to him, as if he was in limbo, or simply underground. He attempting to stand up again, but to no avail. His crippled state kept him grounded until further notice.

" red..." He realized. Looking around his glass prison, he was still naive to where he really was. Once more, he took his hands and stabilized himself on the red-tinted glass floor, hoping to pick himself back up again. He succeeded for a while, but his balance was heavily damaged. He would soon fall back on the floor again, yelping in pain.

The only thing he could do was crawl, as if he was regressed. He still had a strong mind however. As he continued moving along in a prone state, he would soon bump into another glass wall. He turned his body and fixed his weight, but would soon bump again into another wall. He had realized he was encased in a reflective prison. A large, red, glass box. The unknown criminal moved as close as he could to one wall, and examined what he could. His mouth went wide as he was unbearably shocked by what was now before him.

"" Was his words. Looking side to side frantically, he saw cells. Prison cells. Thousands. A black-colored walkway was under him, and unaccessible relative to where he was now. It was a prison. He himself was one of the individuals taken hostage. He did not worry no longer. As he raised his...hoof. He was not his original form anymore.

"What...? I'm not the same as I used to be...!" He snapped at himself. Nonetheless, he raised his hoof. He was about to cast a spell of blue, hoping to break open the glass box. ...nothing happened. His powers had been zapped in advance. He really was now hopeless. Losing all hope, the stallion started to panic and scream. He punched and bucked the glass walls, but they were too strong. They were impenetrable.

"" He panted. He was about to cry already, knowing that he was once more powerful a few hours ago. For the first time since many Generations...he was the one needing to be saved. As he looked onwards once more at the prison before his eyes, knowing he is one of the prisoners...his eyes started to tear up. He was alone. No one to save him. No one to comfort him. He was essentially corrupted as he now started to regress.

It was like he was an infant in a crib. The fortress was unescapable.

This was the first of many shocks across the universes. However, there was luckily a selected group who would soon put the puzzle pieces together.

To restore the perfect blue.

This is CaerulElimo.