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This is a list of all Racing Realms in order of appearance.

Generation 0 Edit

Storm Realm // ⧹⧸⧹

Swamp Realm // ⊂∪⊃

Cavern Realm // ◣◣

Lava Realm // ≀

Water Realm // ~

Metro Realm // ▢

Cliffside Realm // Ƨ

Ice Realm // ⊻

Neon Pipeline Realm // ⊏

Junk Realm // ◣◢

Ruins Realm // H

Cosmic Realm // ⊂⊃

The Ultimate Race // ◯

Generation 5 Edit

Minimalism Realm //

  • A realm with one long track in the middle of nowhere but a clear blue sky. As you approach the finish line, the day turns to night. The only distractions are your other racers.

House Realm // •

  • A realm that takes place inside a house for the duration of the realm. The gimmick is that every racer is shrunk down to a toy. The distractions are the dust mites and cockroaches that rampage through the uncommon uncleaned portions.

Hub Construct Realm // :

  • A realm that mirror many race courses from other locations as your pilot in and out the circuits. The gimmick is knowing your corners and figuring out how to tackle upcoming ones. There seems to be a touch of nostalgia that populates this realm.

Spa Realm // ♨︎

  • A realm that is completely focused on driving as small as toy cars in a large spa of all services presented. This is one of the most unexpected of realms, and many people are surprised of its existence.

Earth Realm // ⨁

  • A realm that covers through the most popular and visited locals of planet Earth. The gimmick is knowing the more unexpected distractions and knowing their solutions.