Royal Oasis is a race course in the SS Universe. It is located in the White Region, like Iota Drop, and is a sandy outdoor course.

Course DescriptionEdit


Blistering sands populate this long course as it trails through the sandy edges of the oasis. Many shallow corners and a few sharp ones are able to slip up even the most strategic of pilots. In fact, it is so hot here, racing in the afternoon would result in the engines of the ships not being able to run!


The crystal clear oasis has been known to be touched by the peaceful minds of the nearby citizens. They say they appreciate the warm and relaxing water that is sworn to be kept safe under any circumstances. Royal Oasis shall always be known for the great body of water that created the sandy circuit of today.


As its name suggests, the course takes a sandy path around a blue oasis. A waterfall in the southwest corner falls near the track. Like Iota Drop. the course is located in a large bowl-shaped area; however, the course stays outdoors, unlike Iota, where riders must take a path through underground areas. Since Royal Oasis's area has a deserty climate, temperatures rise to a sweltering heat during the midday, and fall to a freezing low level during the night. Because of this, races at Royal Oasis are held either at morning or late afternoon.



Course Layout