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G6 R3

The Map of The Red Region of Generation Six

The Red Region is the third region of CaerulElimo. It is filled with lava and industrial factories.

Known as the "Road of the Heated Light", the Red Region consisted of a few branching paths with cut windingly through a landscape of intriguing rock structures and active volcanoes.

Chapter 3 is where the players learn more about the Elemental Sisters and how the Red Rampage is going to destroy CaerulElimo.

There is a King or Queen who directly rules this region.

Foer is the Rest Area of this Region.

The Red Region starts to become captured by the Phantom Flash at the beginning of the Orange Region chapter, and is fully captured at the beginning of the Yellow Region chapter. By the beginning of the Green Region chapter, the Red Region appears to have been completely dissolved.

Notable Locations Edit




Clockwork Castle

Melting Tube



Andromeda Volcano Systems