The Spiral is a gigantic spinning helix similar to an extremely long DNA strand without the ladder rungs of powerful elements that is located in the center of CaerulElimo, first encountered in Generation 6's Part 8 Section 4. It is colored Blue (0000FF) and Black (000000) and slowly spins around. It was originally meant to be the stabilizer of the planet to ensure it does not spin out of orbit. The player's squad in CaerulElimo (series) goes inside The Spiral in Part 8 Section 5 and Section 6.

Despite The Spiral's important presence in the Black Region and is very important to the government - which has several offices near the tip - it is also very mysterious, containing elements that change unpredictably. Sometimes a whole race course will appear inside, and at other time entire mansions materialize. However, there is always a blue, neon staircase made of people's dreams and memories that leads to The Top of The Spiral and Master Control. Even the staircase is not built to typical architectural standards, as it has small gaps where there are no steps at all. It also has places that are very wide and very thin, and follows an interesting path with many turns and it does not simply go around as a spiral staircase, nor does it change directions constantly in 90 degree turns.

People that have went inside The Spiral thought that the vocals were failed copies of famous characters, but this is a possible myth.

Since the government offices housed in the tip are extremely important for maintaining law and order - and since The Spiral itself is absolutely vital to the survival of the planet - the CE government is continually making sure The Spiral is not damaged and any damage constantly repaired every day. Given its strange but important existence, The Spiral is one of the most important artifacts on the planet.


Acid nation spiral structure by acidictaco-d422ifp

What The Spiral would probably look like.


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